We work with public and private companies making impact investments, as well as businesses with social missions including B Corps and social enterprises.

How Companies Approach Impact

To stay at the forefront of innovation, support workforce pipelines and better serve the communities in which they work, many forward-looking companies are making impact investments often from corporate venture arms to improve their environmental and social footprints while delivering long-term economic value.

The Impact Challenges That Corporations Face

Companies interested in impact investing often have the expertise and track record to make impact-aligned, forward-looking investment decisions. Their primary challenge is deciding how to focus their investment activity to drive the greatest impact and how to communicate the results to their broad set of stakeholders.

How Tideline Helps Companies Address These Challenges

Tideline helps companies understand how to align their impact aspirations with their sector and business model. Tideline partners with well-intentioned companies to set a strategic vision and plan. Tideline then helps companies understand and report on their activity and results by combining quantitative and qualitative analyses and framing those learnings within the context of best practice impact investing standards.



Impact Community Capital (ICC) was founded and is owned by a consortium of insurance companies that jointly invested as a closed group in low-income and affordable community development. ICC reached out to Tideline to help develop a business strategy and operating plan to open their impact investing services to new and varied institutional clients and expand ICC’s unique impact investing offerings. Tideline analyzed ICC’s investment history both to identify their best performing investments and to evaluate the potential fee revenue of those investments. Tideline also researched the market to identify the best future investment offerings and target investors for ICC. This analysis resulted in a comprehensive recommendation for business and product strategy. To facilitate the implementation, Tideline took the insurance company owners through a redesign of their ICC governance structure. Over the subsequent six-year period, Tideline was engaged to assist in the execution of various aspects of the strategy’s implementation.