The INVEST Project: Mobilizing Private Investment for Development

October 25, 2017 | Tideline is proud to be a core partner to USAID alongside DAI, CrossBoundary, and Convergence on the development and implementation of the INVEST project. Please see below for more information, or contact

Through INVEST, USAID seeks to unlock the potential of private capital to drive inclusive growth in countries around the world. Increasingly, private investors and businesses are looking to emerging markets for better returns and new market opportunities. Encouraging investment in these markets in high-impact areas important to USAID such as agriculture, financial services, infrastructure, energy, clean water, health, and education, however, requires new forms of collaboration between USAID and the investment community.

INVEST will deploy USAID resources globally, including grants, guarantees, technical expertise, networks, and convening power, to enhance access to viable investment opportunities, lower transaction costs, and mitigate investment risk. INVEST will also provide access to a network of individuals and firms with the specialized expertise across industries and geographies needed to identify, develop, and execute on investments for development impact. Using a lean approach tailored to high potential opportunities, relevant parts of the network will come together to research, develop, and build specific solutions that align private capital with development needs.

If you have resources or expertise relevant to INVEST, you can reach out to to learn more or get involved.