Claudia Leon

Senior Associate, Climate Practice Lead

Claudia Leon is a Senior Associate at Tideline focused on impact management system design, project research and client management support. Claudia joined the Tideline team in October 2020. Claudia has supported and spearheaded many of Tideline’s climate-related projects, working with investors to refine their climate impact strategies, devise climate-specific impact management systems, and establish rigorous climate measurement strategies.

Prior to Tideline, Claudia was a Senior Analyst at the Gartner Research Board, where she led and supported research teams on tech strategy, focusing on the application of emerging technologies in real-world contexts and partnering with VCs, academics, and industry experts to develop recommendations for clients. Claudia’s background originates in sustainability research and consulting, specifically in the realms of clean energy technology, transportation policy, and urban development.

Claudia holds a Bachelor of Arts from Pitzer College, where she double-majored in Economics and Environmental Public Policy Analysis.