Navigating Impact with Confidence

Tideline guides clients through each step
of the impact investment journey.

Impact Leadership

Founded in 2014, Tideline is a recognized leader in the market with experience partnering with institutional clients to implement the steps in the impact investment process. From designing some of the first impact management systems to collaborating with clients with $13.5 trillion in assets under management, Tideline is a pioneer in the impact investing industry with a track record of establishing and advancing best practices.



Client Impact Assets

Strategies: 200+ impact investing projects completed to date for 130+ clients looking to build and implement impact strategies

Marquee Clients: Consultant and implementation partner to some of the largest and most well-known names in impact investing

Talent: A skilled team of impact professionals with 150+ years of combined experience

Innovation:  A track record of introducing innovative industry concepts and new terminology like “impact classes” and “catalytic capital”

Thought Leadership: A reputation for publishing groundbreaking research and working with standard-setters to advance the impact investing field with proprietary data and expert insights

Market View: Unique aggregate view of the world of impact investing and the trends

READ Tideline’s new milestone report, Ten Years of Impact, highlighting our journey in impact over the last decade and what the future holds for Tideline.

Our Approach

We provide advisory and implementation services that are customized to client needs. These services are organized around Tideline’s proprietary “Impact Management Compass” and are designed to enable clients to rigorously integrate impact into each step of the investment process.

Tideline Impact Management Compass

Our Clients

We serve a wide range of institutional clients seeking to contribute to social and environmental impact using return-seeking investment capital. These clients include:


of the 10 largest alternative asset managers


of the 5 largest
wealth managers


of the 15
largest foundations


of the 10
largest insurers

Tideline served as a trusted and knowledgeable partner to Franklin Real Asset Advisors (FRAA) on the launch of our Social Infrastructure Fund in 2018. They worked closely with us to develop a compelling and intuitive impact management system, which has been effective as a means of optimizing for impact, communicating results to our investors, and enhancing our market position.

John Levy
Director of Impact
Franklin Templeton

Recent News

Ten-Year Milestone Report

Ten-Year Milestone Report

Introducing our Ten-Year Milestone Report, taking stock of the past, present, and future of Tideline and the impact investing industry at large.We are thrilled to announce the launch of Tideline’s Milestone Report, Ten Years of Impact, which shares our journey in...