BlueMark is Tideline’s new independent impact verification business, providing impact verification services for investors and companies. These services are designed to strengthen confidence in the achievement of stated impact goals through the verification of impact mandates, impact management practices, and impact reporting against established industry standards. Learn more about BlueMark’s capabilities and services at www.bluemarktideline.com



Tideline has extensive experience partnering with clients to maximize efficiency, profitability, organizational alignment, and impact in markets delivering both financial and social value. Using a disciplined approach that combines rigorous market research, system-level analysis, and custom decision-making frameworks, Tideline works with clients to develop strategies for launching or refining impact investment activities that produce business- and mission-enhancing results.

  • Our clients have included private and institutional foundations, institutional investors, high net worth individuals, investment managers, banks and other diversified financial institutions, aid agencies, industry networks, and international NGOs.
  • Tideline has supported a number of institutions in developing impact management strategies, designing instruments and practices to integrate impact at each stage of the investment process sufficient to ensure authentic sustainable impact.
  • Tideline clients have a variety of stakeholders, often with different levels of expertise and views of impact investing’s efficacy. We provide education and facilitate change management to surface consensus regarding motivations and objectives.

Based on experience launching and growing successful business units in major financial institutions, Tideline provides practical, action-oriented strategies; our approach is deeply collaborative, with a focus on providing clients with the tools needed to accelerate implementation and achieve authentic, sustainable impact.

Case Study

Tideline’s tailored and collaborative approach to strategy development has helped various clients clarify and scale their role and approach to impact investing. Impact Community Capital has worked with Tideline since 2014, first to develop a product-driven growth strategy, and later on various aspects of implementation; USAID engaged Tideline to develop a strategy for more intentionally mobilizing investment for development impact.


Many clients have a need for specialized insights to identify and evaluate market opportunities and challenges in impact investing. Based on our clients’ specific areas of interest, Tideline facilitates a deep understanding of the conditions and opportunity set for impact investing at a sector, theme, or market level, and assists with due diligence as needed.

  • Tideline‘s extensive networks and experience in risk management, financial analysis, and investment structuring are highly valued by clients.
  • Tideline’s work in this area begins with a detailed review of a client’s goals in order to clearly articulate the criteria for evaluating opportunities.

Tideline will landscape potential opportunities and screen them based on agreed objectives and priorities, and conduct preliminary financial and impact diligence.

Case Study

The Ford Foundation engaged Tideline to help develop its program-related investment (PRI) strategy and conduct custom research on impact investing sectors both in the US and the developing world, tailored to Ford’s focus on advancing social justice, the sectors’ investment readiness, and the potential market role for Ford in each sector.


Tideline partners with clients to produce rigorous research and publications highlighting mega-trends, opportunities, and challenges for clients looking to build the field.

  • Many investors and investment service providers are unfamiliar with the characteristics and dynamics of aspects of the impact investing market, requiring tailored research to make business or investment decisions.
  • Tideline brings deep industry knowledge and experience to bear with the skills, judgment, and creativity to deliver actionable, customized research of the highest quality.
  • Tideline is often engaged by impact investing market builders to focus these same strengths on solving problems with broad, field-level implications.

The firm’s Managing Partners have been thought leaders in impact investing for over a decade, with a track record of managing complex, multi-stakeholder initiatives.

Case Study

With support from Omidyar Network, Tideline developed the “impact class” concept, which has emerged as a useful tool for segmenting the market and facilitating alignment among asset owners, intermediaries, and investees.


Tideline brings its significant skill base and understanding of mainstream investment and finance to help clients design customized investment products, platforms, and supporting tools to fill specific gaps for clients, internal stakeholders, and the broader market.

  • Our work in this area generally involves a partnership approach with the client in which we workshop and co-create a vehicle concept and structure, often followed by market testing, product refinement, forecast modeling, and implementation strategy.

We structure the work in phases around core categories of activity: development of a clear vehicle rationale and validation of market need; articulation of the impact thesis, financial viability, investment strategy, and pipeline; and vehicle structuring and management strategy.

Case Study

Tideline has provided new vehicle conception and design services to large asset owners, asset managers, and non-profit organizations, responding to the urgent and accelerating need for product development in impact investing, with particular experience related to affordable housing and community development, global health, donor advised funds and blended finance structures.