Impact Due Diligence

Partnering with clients in the investment decision-making process to screen and assess impact strategies and practices, as well as identify risks for both funds and companies.

Your Due Diligence Partner

The most effective impact investors undertake impact diligence with the same rigor and commitment as financial diligence. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are one part of the equation. However, ESG analysis is only one part of robust impact due diligence. Enhanced impact diligence is required to achieve the real, measurable social and environmental outcomes both institutional and retail investors are aspiring to. Impact diligence represents the next technical leap forward in investment practice and is designed to help investors better understand:

Methods of
Impact Creation

The different modalities of impact creation and the evidence that backs up performance claims


The best tools and practices used to proactively optimize for impact

Data and

What to expect and what to collect from investees in terms of impact data and reporting

Tideline serves as a natural extension of an investor’s practices and capabilities in impact diligence, providing a level of technical expertise that ensures impact credibility and fosters a more efficient investment decision-making process. Client engagements often begin with the collaborative design of a comprehensive approach to impact-integrated due diligence. Tideline also has the flexibility to work as a long-term partner in impact due diligence via a retainer relationship, allowing for the seamless and ongoing integration of Tideline’s specialized impact expertise as a complement to a client’s distinct investment expertise.

Tideline was an essential partner in the launch of our first impact fund, helping us better articulate our impact strategy and put in place a thorough impact management system that allowed us to identify and diligence credit investments with a clear social or environmental impact.

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