Colby Dailey

Fellow, Healthcare System Endowments

Colby Dailey is the Founder and Principal of Multiplier Advisors™, an impact investing consultant that helps healthcare systems integrate the social determinants of health into their endowments and investment portfolios.

Prior to Multiplier Advisors, Colby co-founded and led the Build Healthy Places Network (BHPN), building the national center at the intersection of community investing and health. She was also the Deputy Director of Policy and Research at Pacific Community Ventures where she co-created the Impact Investing Policy Collaborative, a global network of researchers, investors and policymakers that developed a set of global impact investing policy principles. Colby also co-founded what is now Grounded Solutions Network, the national trade association for shared equity homeownership programs and community land trusts.

Colby serves on multiple nonprofit boards and advisory committees, and she is a seasoned speaker and connector who believes that collaboration has a multiplier effect. She holds a Master of Public Policy from UC Berkeley, and lives in Park City, Utah with her family.