July 5, 2016 | Led by Tideline, together with Cathy Clark at Duke University, the Navigating Impact Investing project began in September 2015 as an effort to bring greater clarity to the field of impact investing, supported by Omidyar Network.

The working paper resulting from this work  is available as a PDF download.






Impact classes are a new concept and will only be useful if they are adopted widely with a set of common definitions. So, in addition to releasing the working paper we have created a site to encourage a broader, field-wide conversation about the prospective nature and uses of impact classes: https://sites.duke.edu/impactclasses/

Each page of the site linked above allows for comments on a section of the working paper. We look forward to your feedback, provocative questions, and support to determine the most useful classifications to drive successful investment with financial and social returns.

We welcome your feedback and comments. If you prefer to send in comments by email, please send them to [email protected].