Shivam Desai

Analyst, BlueMark

Shivam Desai is an Analyst at Tideline focused on impact assurance and verification. Shivam joined Tideline in February 2020.

Shivam has been heavily involved with and has worked on several impact assurance and verification projects for the BlueMark line of business and projects spanning IMM system design for Tideline’s consulting arm. Prior to Tideline, Shivam worked as a Private Wealth Associate at Snowden Lane Partners while in business school. In his role at Snowden Lane Partners, Shivam focused on investment analysis, business development, client service, and support, and Shivam spearheaded a financial advisor’s ESG offerings, research, and integration. Shivam was born and raised in the Republic of Zambia, where his proclivity for market-based solutions to critical global problems stems.

Shivam holds a Master of Science in Global Finance from the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University and double majored in Finance and Business Management at the University of Kentucky.