October 22 – 25, 2019 | At SOCAP19, Ben Thornley moderated a session entitled “The Time for Action and Accountability in Impact”. Panelists Diane Carol Damskey (International Finance Corporation), Elizabeth Boggs Davidsen (UNDP), Sasha Dichter (60 Decibels), Leticia Emme (IRIS), Lauren Booker Allen (Jordan Park), Kate Cochran (Upaya Social Ventures), Andrew Lee (UBS), and Adam Heltzer (Partners Group) discussed the lightning speed at which the tools and standards needed to institutionalize the way “impact” is measured and managed have advanced in the last 12 months.

Christina Leijonhufvud moderated a session entitled “Democratizing impact investing… one financial advisor at a time”. Panelists Jackie Vanderbrug (Bank of America), Jamie Martin (Morgan Stanley), Josh Levin (OpenInvest), Rehana Nathoo (Spectrum Impact), and Adam Connaker (The Rockefeller Foundation) discussed the pursuit of democratizing impact investing for the retail market, in which financial advisors play a key role.