October 1, 2019 | A new Tideline publication introduces the firm’s approach to verifying investors’ and managers’ alignment with the International Finance Corporation’s Operating Principles for Impact Management.

The white paper, titled Integrity through Verification, provides an overview of the merits of the IFC Principles and reviews Tideline’s proprietary approach to verifying alignment with those Principles – a mandated requirement for current and future signatories. Tideline has implemented two Principles verifications to date, for the KKR Global Impact Fund and LeapFrog Investments, and developed its approach building on the firm’s deep experience in developing impact management strategies and systems for clients since its founding in 2014.

A PDF download of the report is available here.

Ben Thornley, a Managing Partner at Tideline, has also authored a blog outlining the importance of the emphasis that the IFC Principles place on verification: A Watershed Moment in Impact Investing: The ‘Ninth Principle’ Shifts the Focus Beyond Good Intentions