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Truth in Impact: A Tideline Guide to Using the Impact Investment Label

Truth in Impact,” Tideline’s how-to guide for investors seeking to define their approach to sustainable investing, is available for download at https://bit.ly/3yiy8Mu. The guide introduces the Tideline Framework for Impact Labeling (see below), which compares and contrasts different approaches to sustainable investing according to the degree to which those investment approaches integrate three core pillars of impact investing:

  • Intentionality – Explicitly targeting specific social or environmental outcomes, such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • Contribution – Playing a differentiated role to enhance the achievement of the targeted social or environmental outcomes; and
  • Measurement – Monitoring and reporting impact performance based on measurable inputs, outputs and outcomes.

Within the guide, Tideline explains why the impact investment label should be reserved for funds and strategies that combine high degrees of Intentionality, Contribution, and Measurement, although the framework recognizes that a larger universe of products can rightly claim to be “impact-focused.” The framework is designed to show how all sustainable investment strategies incorporate elements of Intentionality, Contribution, and Measurement, and how by analyzing the levels of each, investors are able to consistently and accurately differentiate between impact investing, thematic investing, and ESG-integrated investments. To help address the key areas of confusion in the impact investing field, the guide also includes case studies that show how three of Tideline’s clients—including an emerging markets public equities manager, a global environmental commodities investor, and a European real assets investor—were labeled according to the framework.

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Tideline’s Framework for Impact Labeling