Compass Series

Truth in Climate Impact: Management and Labeling Best Practices

Truth in Climate Impact: Management and Labeling Best Practices

Despite industry debate and regulatory action focused on the precise labeling of climate strategies, widespread confusion remains about what it means to be a climate impact investor. As climate investors use the “impact” label, the question arises: what makes them different from the broader universe of “responsible” investors that are themselves growing in awareness of climate-related risks and opportunities?

With the importance of understanding the real-world effects of climate impact investments becoming more urgent every day, this Compass Series discussion focuses on the increasing need for consensus on how to manage for climate impact with integrity and accountability, and to exhibit real progress in achieving ambitious global climate goals.

Featured Speakers:

Kelly Goddard
Chief Sustainability Officer
Brookfield Renewable and Transition

Nicola Mustetea
Director, Climate Change
British International Investment

Irina Markina
Director of Impact and Sustainability
Ara Partners

Keri Browder
Director, Project Frame
Prime Coalition

Jane Bieneman
Senior Advisor

Claudia Leon
Associate, Climate Practice Lead